Dedicated banking Virtual Machine!

Do you do internet banking a lot ? I am sure we all worry about internet security and the constant need to protect our computers. There are number of viruses and malware that specifically target your banking web sites. Despite the efforts by the banking industry to protect consumers from these there are number of cases where the security has been breached and will continue to do so in future. If you think about it, how do viruses get in to your computer ? They find their way via e-mail, websites, free software, social networking and other common day to day internet related activities. You can protect your computer by dedicating a computer for use for  banking applications only, so that you use that dedicated computer to visit your bank web sites and refrain from doing any other day to day internet related activities with that. This way you can be assured that you will not provide any means for the viruses to enter your computer. Setting up a separate computer for just banking is not very convinient both from a cost and usage perspective.

This is where virtualzation technology such as VMware, Virtual PC or widely avaiable free Linux virtualization solutions can come in handy. Set up a virtual machines just for banking applications within your laptop or primary PC and ensure you don’t do any other internet related activites using that virtual machine. This way you can be assured, your virtual machine environment will be free of viruses and malware.

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Error opening OVF files using VMware Workstation

I have tried to open quite a few OVF files using VMware Workstation 7.1 and VMware Player, but I keep getting the error such as “Failed to query source for information” or when trying to import the OVF file – “The OVF descriptor file could not be parsed”. Not sure why this is not handled correctly even with the latest version of VMware software.

I found that if you convert the OVF file to a virtual machine using the VMware converter it works fine.

Sofware Appliances 101

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