Ever wanted host your own application like  DimDim, GoToMeeting etc. to share and collaborate with your teams on demand and not pay any subscription fees ? Look at  the free open source alternative – BigBlueButton. If you have a Linux Server lying around, accessible on the internet or an Amazon EC2  account and a little savvy with Linux you could potentially host your own for almost free !

Leverage Putty, X-Deep/2 X-Server and XFCE4 for minimalistic X window experience on Linux Servers

This X-Deep/32 X-Server FAQ talks about how you can leverage free Putty tool and minimalistic X Window package XFCE4 that you can install on Linux Servers such as Ubuntu Server  etc, without overloading you Linux Servers running in a headless environment.  Use with cost effective Pexus X-Deep/32 X-Server solution to access Linux servers securely for common administration tasks right from your Windows desktop. With X-Deep/32 you can start multiple sessions each with it’s own instance of X-Server.