Pexus X-Deep/32 X Server Software on Windows 8 Preview

Installed Windows 8 Preview by upgrading Windows 7 system. The upgrade went smooth. The new Windows 8 Preview looks great with a switchable metro style and the familiar desktop style interface.  Test installed Pexus X-Deep/32 X-Server software on Windows 8 Preview. The current version 4.7 install ran fine unmodified. After install run X-Deep/32 X-Server software once as an Administrator to register the software trial / registered license. The software came up fine without any problems. Attached a screen shot of X-Deep/32 software running XFCE4 desktop connected to Ubuntu 10.04 LTS server.

You can easily order X-Deep/32 from our online store  or download an evaluation copy by clicking this link.

X-Deep/32 on Windows 8 Preview release