You know you are a cool techie, but..

You know you are a cool techie, but you still use that free e-mail and that free drop box like services even when you know there is nothing free in life. You worry about losing control of your personal conversations in the e-mail which can surface one day and may haunt you or worry about the security breaches targeted at file storage services that may expose your confidential documents. You know you can leverage your intimate IT knowledge to take control of your data better but don’t have the time to. Now there is a solution. Check out how easy it is to get a personal server up and running. You can start with a free evaluation using the Patriot PS Personal Server Virtual Appliance and just check things out. You may decide to bring life back to your old abandoned desktop PC that you no longer use and turn it into a personal server with single click installable  Patriot PS Personal Server ISO image or even go with the all in one Patriot PS Personal Server System – that is not only small, compact, but fan less too  for that quite 24×7 operation that you need from a personal server.

Show off your techie instincts without sweating it out, play the internet on your terms knowing a personal server is there to serve you when you need it at home or away from home. Get ready for Internet of Things (IOT) without sending your thing data out to remote servers for those prying marketers.


Your Server, Your Data, Your Terms! ®

Check out our latest video presentations on Patriot PS Personal Server

Check out our latest video presentations on Patriot PS Personal Server to see how easy it is to start running your personal server. Set up and configure a private mail server in the privacy of your own home in minutes.. Break that dependency from free e-mail on the web. Take that generational leap ahead and start managing your data, on your own personal server and on your terms.. Download and install popular personal cloud software OwnCloud in a few clicks and access files from home or from the Internet, share files with friends and associates without storing your files on remote cloud like iCloud, Drop box, where you don’t know what happens to your files and what terms in fine print you may have already accepted without reading Smile !

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Think Personal with Cloud

Think Personal with Cloud

Largest untapped market is in personal cloud eco-system. Imagine starting a PC revolution again. Huge potential to bring back computing back into home and empower the individual. Checkout Pexus LLC’s Personal Server solution – Patriot PS Personal Server.. Now available as software only solution (ISO image distribution) for DIY enthusiasts who want to get that old desktop PC back to life or as a personal virtual appliance for the virtualization fans who want to use that unused capacity on their desktop PC.

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