Surveillance Economy – what can you do?

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Most of us already know but rarely take a moment to think and act. Ever realized how much of personal data we are giving up every moment willingly just because we want to save few cents a day or succumbing to the inertia to act. Imagine the loss of personal data every day  via  personal content on free personal e-mail services, free messenger services etc.  “Free” digital services is akin to digital socialism that is nothing but digital enslavement that will never end in the good for the consumers. Just think there is no free lunch.  So what can you do about it?  Think what you are giving up when you are signing up for “free” services.  Keep in mind, the privacy terms and fine print before you sign up,  is not designed to protect you, but the free service provider.

There are a number of alternatives that may cost a little but goes a long way in weaning yourself away from the “surveillance” economy created by the “free” services..

You can start small by owning your own personal server and own your own personal mail communication, extend it to free messenger services and other communication services.. it is easy and Pexus LLC makes it easy to set one up in your own home or on a virtual private server in the secure cloud,  under your complete control. Personal servers will be the key to future personal computing that will help consumers migrate away from the “Surveillance Economy” that will be good for the consumers.

Free yourself from free e-mail services such as @gmail  and all things “free” today! Start taking control of your personal data and communication.  Start today and check out our personal server products and services. :

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