How your medical data could potentially be exposed!


I recently signed up on UnitedHealthcare website which is supposed to collect very personal sensitive information from a user.

I was surprised to see third party trackers into Social Media companies such as Twitter and Facebook !

That does not give me any confidence!! A medical health insurance company such as United Healthcare has practice of using third party trackers when I am supposed to share my health information and prescription data on that site.

Does the Privacy Officer for UnitedHealthcare has any clue what the team that cooks up such an application do to satisfy their marketing department or to save cost on data analytics software by resorting to use third party software components on their web site. This is a site that is supposed to protect PHI (Protected Health Information) data ?

If you are dealing with sensitive information – here is a piece of advice to web site developers don’t include such third party trackers!

I strongly suggest consumers demand more from such companies before parting with their personal information.

United Healthcare – Are you listening?

Privacy Policy – So broad and complex – incomprehensible by an everyday user!

Here is a Privacy Policy from one of the health insurers that asks users to accept it when signing up for their online service.

I took time to read this. As an information security professional who is passionate about user privacy – I find this so hard to figure out what is protected and what is not. The terms of use is so broad that includes online advertisers, cookies, digital marketing, Google, etc. etc. that it is impossible to understand in any layman’s terms¬† if your privacy is even secure that too coming from an health insurance company.

Go figure it out for yourself..