How your medical data could potentially be exposed!


I recently signed up on UnitedHealthcare website which is supposed to collect very personal sensitive information from a user.

I was surprised to see third party trackers into Social Media companies such as Twitter and Facebook !

That does not give me any confidence!! A medical health insurance company such as United Healthcare has practice of using third party trackers when I am supposed to share my health information and prescription data on that site.

Does the Privacy Officer for UnitedHealthcare has any clue what the team that cooks up such an application do to satisfy their marketing department or to save cost on data analytics software by resorting to use third party software components on their web site. This is a site that is supposed to protect PHI (Protected Health Information) data ?

If you are dealing with sensitive information – here is a piece of advice to web site developers don’t include such third party trackers!

I strongly suggest consumers demand more from such companies before parting with their personal information.

United Healthcare – Are you listening?

Omnipresent Personal Data Collection in the name of convenience

The flow of personal data through voice interaction is exploding via devices such as Alexa, Google Home Assistant and Apple Home Pod. While these devices provides convenience and claim privacy – do they really protect your personal data? Can we trust them with every personal interaction that we do in our homes? They are made to look cool and the wave of the future. However as long as they are connected to their servers one can never be sure how your intimate personal home interaction data will be used. 

The ‘big brother is always watching’ is becoming a reality if you own such a device that is connected and controlled by their manufacturers. 

May be there is a better way.

Unless we decouple the device manufacturers from the service provider and include personal privacy protection features that will completely anonymize the data that that is sent outside your home, we can never be sure. 

Consumers must claim for this decoupling and complete anonymization.  While Apple is making some efforts in this space we still have a long way to go. Apple who is not be in the business of selling and using personal data for their profit  like Google, Facebook and Amazon; will be in a better and credible position to sell this concept.

Until the consumers are educated on the privacy implications of these devices big tech companies like Google, Amazon, Facebook who profit from personal data will continue to endanger user privacy.

So think before getting one of these devices that is always listening to you.

Free yourself from digital enslavement of your personal communication data

The desktop personal computer may be a thing of past, with so many mobile options from laptop to tablets and smart phones. The shift to small, powerful and mobile computing has made desktop computing irrelevant and unnecessary for most people. The mobile computing is also always connected to the internet and to the cloud services. Most people also use free services for their daily personal communication such as e-mail and messaging. However free services also comes with strings attached. Though we don’t realize this every personal communication data goes through the free service providers servers that siphons your important personal data and use them in ways most people will never comprehend.  Personal communication such as e-mails and file (e.g. photo) sharing has become such an important part of everyday life that it is impossible to live without these services.  E-mail service requires an internet domain name. Most people use or or a host of other free services.  Until now setting up a personal communication server using ones own personal domain name has generally been an endeavor  that only tech geeks would undertake.

Now with Pexus LLC – getting a personal domain, personal server solution and setting up a mail server is a breeze. We at Pexus LLC provides a one stop shop where you can shop for a personal domain name :  and also buy an affordable personal server that is small, beautiful, quite and fan less and so easy to setup at an affordable price.

Right now we have  clearance sale for $249 that will enable you to host a mail server using your home ISP and create unlimited mail boxes for yourself and your family members ! We also enable easy installation of  community edition of OwnCloud –  a fantastic free file sharing application that you can host from your home. We even make it so easy to install a Lets Encrypt free SSL certificate that will automatically renew without any interaction from you.

We will always be here to support you in your journey to free yourself from not so free e-mail service and take control of your personal privacy and personal communication on your terms and under your control !

Take control of home network and personal data…

For all those IOT fans out there, here is an interesting reading:

More IoT insecurity: the routers that take instructions from anyone

Free is never free. Your free e-mail, free router that your cable company provides or even a paid Google NEST home temperature control device. Sure it does provide you convenience and save you a few bucks.. But what are you losing? A lot; come to think of it.. What you communicate and plan – everything is available to companies that benefit from selling you a service, big data now can analyze vast amounts of data and once they have it; you as a consumer don’t have any leverage.. the companies that have your data that you willingly provided (may be unknowingly)  have all the edge.. an internet bargain you intend to get will never be there, because you don’t have the leverage any more once you have already provided your intentions may be in an innocent looking e-mail to your family or a Facebook post about your vacation plans 🙂

Start taking control of your data using a Patriot PS Personal Server ( and even replace your cable company provided free router with your own and put a freely available firewall IP COP (  and shut off the cable company control of your home network.

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Personal Email on your terms!

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Stop the flight of personal data to the cloud

The cloud is everywhere. While it has its benefits and will be here to stay. It is a boon for small startups as they can get their products and services to market faster without investing and building in  house infrastructure to run their business and services. Internet of Things (IOT) is creating a lot of buzz these days. IOT also seems to following the mad rush to the cloud. While certain kinds of IOT services has it’s place in the cloud and will continue to be a popular destination. But when it comes to personal devices – does it makes sense to host services in the cloud? Do you really want to make a round trip from your home over your ISP to the Internet and to the cloud server and back to just turn on a light bulb? May be not. People are concerned about privacy and the flight of every conceivable personal data beyond their control.

I would rather have my little server in my home to control the things that I care about. My bulb, my security, my sprinkler system can work perfectly fine without making a round trip outside my home. Why do I need to carry tens of apps and log into as many web sites to register and manage my devices? Open standards for discovery and device control will make it easier to manage these devices easily with a single application running on your own little server in your own home.  This is another example where a personal server will go a long way to help manage personal lives and homes better.  I know we will get there soon. Today you can start this journey of taking care of your personal data and get ready for Intranet of Things with Patriot PS Personal Server.


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Think Personal with Cloud

Think Personal with Cloud

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