Splunk and J2EE application logging – Part 2

In my previous blog on this subject, I had talked about the value of log files in application diagnosis and performance issue resolution and how Splunk makes it easy to chronologically list the application log statements, search and analyze the data.  Splunk is more useful when the log statements contain data that resemble   name value format such as <name>=<value>.  It can then  index, search, sort and tabulate such data very easily.

Recently Pexus released  Pexus PerfLog  software package.  Pexus PerfLog is an open source performance logging and diagnostic package for J2EE Applications.  PerfLog can capture and persist key performance metrics from servlets, portlets, web services and SQL queries, along with request contextual data to log files and also to a database.

The performance logs generated are Splunk friendly and enables analyzing performance issues with J2EE applications.

For more information on Pexus PerfLog visit :   http://www.pexus.com/perflog

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